– Part Two

Well it seems that the most popular post on my blog is this one so I thought it deserved a bit of a follow up post. I’ve just spent part of this evening re-organising my domain name and one of my old blogs to import all of the old posts into the current blog incarnation. […]

Share – bad experience

Would I have recommended them before yesterday, maybe, their prices seem pretty decent and the website is useable. Would I recommend them now, not in the slightest, their staff are rude and abrupt on the phone when I called up to see about what they could do for me on another – more expensive lense […]


What has Southampton got to offer?

After being in a Ripe training day all day, David and I decided to see what Southampton had to offer in the ways of a meal and some refreshing beverages (non-alcoholic) of course. Having spent the best part of 45 minutes walking around the ‘City Centre’ it seemed quite apparent that the town didn’t have much […]


New digital SLR – 350d

Well I picked up a second hand Canon EOS 350d last week as I want to start getting into photography more and more. I used to be quite good with my old point and click but the newer one I had bought just didn’t seem to cut the mustard. Been messing around with it for […]