– Part Two

Well it seems that the most popular post on my blog is this one so I thought it deserved a bit of a follow up post. I’ve just spent part of this evening re-organising my domain name and one of my old blogs to import all of the old posts into the current blog incarnation. […]

Share – DO NOT USE

Customer service skills in this country are pretty hard to find sometimes, especially for online companies where the face of that company could be an email address! Well, for those who go off recomendations when deciding to use a new company, here’s one to avoid – This is my story of why. On the […]


Adobe online ToU!!

I blogged about the new Adobe online system that went live recently. However a lot of users have noticed a small large problem with the ToU (terms of use) that they ask you to sign up against. 8. Use of Your Content a. Adobe does not claim ownership of Your Content. However, with respect to […]


Online Photoshop – for free

Just found out about the new online version of photoshop. I’m sure it won’t have a lot of the features most photographers need but I haven’t given it a try yet and could be quite surprised I’ll try and give it a whirl this weekend and post my thoughts. It’s good to see software companies […]

Share – bad experience

Would I have recommended them before yesterday, maybe, their prices seem pretty decent and the website is useable. Would I recommend them now, not in the slightest, their staff are rude and abrupt on the phone when I called up to see about what they could do for me on another – more expensive lense […]


Oooh, shiny new canon lense!

Wow, no new blog posts this year – really need to get cracking with these this time round and actually post stuff worth reading! Anyway, picked up a new lense for the trusty ol 350d, weighs, erm, just a tad more than the 28-135mm lense I’ve got but that will be down to it being an […]



Really getting into photography now, managed to pick up a Canon 430EX flashgun last week which has helped out with the macro work I’ve been trying to do. The difference this has made to the lighting when I don’t have natural daylight is excellent, shadows are less than before which can really only be bettered […]


Got a new lense for the dSLR

Well I picked up what I would consider a bargin from Ebay last night, got a EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM to play around with. This is going to replace my kit 18-55mm lense that I got with the camera. Gonna have a mess around with some macro work using the macro extension tube set […]