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Well since the post I made about Alternative Nagios software generated a bit of interest (well, one comment is a bit for this blog :)),  it made me want to try out the software mentioned again to see how it fairs against Nagios which has been my monitoring software of choice for a considerable amount of time. I also thought, why not provide the software I install and test to anyone who might be interested in trying out some of the NMS systems out there.

So without further ado, below you will find the monitoring software I have installed and tested. These are fully functional in all aspects, the only thing limited is the ability to change passwords so that people can’t lock one another out and also, smtp is blocked on this server meaning that any alerts generated won’t get sent out.

username: admin
password: admin
Notes: You cannot add / edit / remove devices from this demo as Nagios relies on editing of configuration files directly which isn’t supported natively.

username: admin
password: admin

username: admin
password: admin

username: admin
password: admin

I’ve got to say, after going through and testing all of these, at the basic level of just adding a device to be monitored for things such as http, it’s an extremely difficult process on all of them (Nagios was the easiest but again, this is probably due to my time served with this software). From the perspective of simplicity, I can’t understand how such a task of adding a device whether by hostname or IP can be such a complicated task.

Anyway, feel free to make use of the online demo’s and if you would like me to add anymore NMS systems to this list then please feel free to get in touch and I will see what I can do.



Jane has kindly pointed out the login for Zabbix didn’t work – changed it to the actual correct details so now it should.


7 thoughts on “Network Monitoring System – Demo

  1. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for making these available. I was really interested in Zabbix as that is the one for which I have no experience, but it is refusing access with your demo/demo combination – any chance of fixing??

    I am still backing Zenoss as the front-runner out of your four. The problem with all of them seems to be making the jump from “putting up a test / demo” which is reasonably easy and reasonably well documented – to getting the detailed, in-depth information to really run a service on. As most of us who do systems and network management know, the devil really IS in the detail – and finding the details is hard. Mind you – is it any easier if you use products from the Big 4??


  2. Welcome back Jane.

    Login details fixed – over site on my part 🙁

    I agree that actually getting something up and running that works for you is totally different to just demoing a system. These demo’s I’ve installed are full versions however, so no restrictions in place with regards to functionality. If people don’t mind opening up SNMP from my box then I will accept requests to lock the admin account down so they can use it exclusively to eval the software, that way, they can fully test most aspects.

    I’m going to try and put more information up over the coming months about my experience with each one but as always, there is nothing like trying it yourself 🙂

  3. Hey Ryan.

    Amanda is backup software so not really applicable in this scenario.

    Not used Dell OpenManage myself, might have to give it a try.

  4. I know..
    I meant it as a general query (as in “yes but its shite” or “nope”), just forgot the offtopic tags.

    Any back ontopic the dell stuff isn’t bad but seems to be a bit of a pain to setup. We got a new Virtual Infrastructre server and it wasn’t detecting it properly. It’s one of the other lads that’s setting it up so I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet.

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