Customer service skills in this country are pretty hard to find sometimes, especially for online companies where the face of that company could be an email address!

Well, for those who go off recomendations when deciding to use a new company, here’s one to avoid – This is my story of why.

On the 25th of Feb 08, I placed an order with for a Slik Pro 700 DX and a Manfrotto 676B Monopod. Total cost was £117.89. The online shop didn’t have a live stock system so I had no idea if either of the items were in stock, that wasn’t really and issue as I reaslise that small businesses can’t have the same or similar setups as some of the larger online shops + waiting for a week or two wasn’t really an issue either!

A few days later, a parcel arrived for me 🙂 Prompt delivery I thought. Upon opening the package, I realised that I’d only had sent to me, the Slik tripod. So, the next day I called up to enquire about the Monopod as I hadn’t had any notice that the Monopod was out of stock – or so I thought. The person who took my call was pretty rude and after I’d quoted my reference number ‘kindly’ pointed out to me that it was printed on the bottom of the delivery note that the Manfrotto would be delievered in a few days due to a lack of stock. FIne I thought, I got the main item I was after and as mentioned before, I could wait a few days.

A few days came and passed, no Manfrotto and no contact from, something I later find out not to expect from, no contact that is – oh and no Manfrotto either but more the lack of contact 🙂

Weeks later and no frotto still, no contact still so I thought, hey, I’ll check on the status of the order so again I gave a quick call only to find out that, surprise surprise, they didn’t have it and still didn’t know when it was going to turn up. At this point I just cancelled the remainder of the order and went into Jessops and bought one.

Some months later I was checking through my bank statements and thought I’d make sure the refund had gone through for the Manfrotto knowing what was like with their lack of contact. Fail, they hadn’t refunded me! So again, I called and this time got voicemail, time, after time during that day. No phone call back and to be honest, I very much doubt I would have got one so I emailed them to ask them what was going on. At this point they were quick to respond – with a basic apology and a promise to refund me the remaining balance of the order. Great, I also asked them to refund me the delivery cost for the order due to the 5 months they’ve now had my money for the order with no contact on what was happening.

22nd July 08, They responded, yipee! They agreed to refund me the cost of the Manfrotto – how could they not but they totally ignored my request for the delivery charge to be refunded so I emailed them again, asking once more, for the delivery cost to be refunded, to this day, they’ve ignored that email as well.

So, in short, avoid buying from, they DO NOT contact you when asked or to give you any updates on orders which don’t get processed immediately, they have no idea about customer service and don’t seem to care one bit.


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  1. To call DCS poor is an understatement; I have had several customers come into my bank complaining about this company over the past few months. Apparently they never answer the phone – and also fail to send the goods – fraudsters!!!

  2. Seems to me aside from the article the best way to get them back is to remove the 2 links you have from your blog!!
    Just a thought! =))

  3. I placed an order (unfortunately) with this company end of January 2009. I received the camera and 1 lens but not another lens and other stuff. They keep saying in reply to my emails it will be 7 days. Meanwhile they are still advertising the same product, lens and all. What they are doing is theft!

    I am wondering if there are other people out there waiting on goods from them. I’ll be surprised if there are not. If there are perhaps we can get together and do something about these crooks.

    Anyone already taken action against them?

  4. Just decided to check out DCS as I’m about to buy some stuff online and they advertise that they have it.

    Found your blog …

    Won’t use them now 🙂 Thanks

  5. I was just considering buying a bunch of Lensbaby gear via them and thought i’d do a search to see what the general feedback on their service was. Needless to say that i think i’ll now be spending a little extra cash to buy from a company which i’ve actually seen positive comments about instead. Thanks for the blog post about your experiences with them Neil, and thanks to those who’ve left comments with useful feedback about them too.

  6. I ordered a Lensbaby Composer with bag from them. All in all, it took almost three weeks until it arrived. For starters, my order was initially cancelled automatically even though the money had been deducted. Any enquiries I left on their website were not answered. Also, it was very hard to get through on the phone. 8 times out of 10, you get the answering machine. However, once I was able to get a hold of someone, I was treated in a very friendly manner and eventually, the Lensbaby with bag arrived. Thus, I can recommend this store if you are willing to wait a bit and are not afraid to track your order pro-actively, thus investing some of your time.

  7. Was considering buying a DMW-MA1 adapter from DCS for my Pana G1, but after reading this blog and a few other, I’ve decided not to – seems like a customer unfriendly company

  8. I was just about to make a purchase, but wanted to ensure the item was in stock. Tried phoning, but could only get an engaged tone. A little skeptical, I did a quick search and now feel reluctant to risk my money. Cheers.

  9. I wish I’d found this before ordering anything from DCS! Have to be the worst company I have ever used. They sold me a camera which had been discontinued and they did not have in stock. When I rang up after waiting a week I was told it would be 3 days as they were getting a delivery (no apology when I asked why I had not been contacted if it was going to take that long!) so I rang up 4 days later to be told it had been discontinued. I was then told my refund would be done within 10 minutes. However checking my account 3 days later it has not been done so I called them again to be told they were running a bit behind and would do it today. Again no apology even when I asked why I was told it would be immediate. They’ve had nearly £200 of my money for 2 weeks now. Perhaps the company’s aim is to have small amounts of peoples money for as long as they can for them to use in some way? As I’m sure if I had not contacted them I would defiantly never see it again. They have no clue about customer service or how damaging a bad reputation will be in the long run. What rocks about slow / non-existent service and no communication with the customer? I’d guess he works for them as reading this my experience if clearly not a one off and as yours was around a year ago they aren’t improving…

    1. on the 20th feb 2010 my partner ordered a panasonic DMC-FS10 pink camera for my birthday which is on march 22. My birthday came and went,still no camera! Since then we have been in touch with DCS,and told said camera would be with us shortly. Two mths later,still nothing. Tried calling DCS again over the past few week, only to be met with an answering machine telling me to leave my details and someone would be in touch. Sorry,but i don’t deal with machines too lightly. Finally,today i managed to speak to an employee for DCS. Said employee could not tell me why no-one had been in touch with me up=dating me on this order,he did however tell me that my order would be with me this coming friday. All i can do is wait!! I think that this company has very POOR customer service skills and would urge no one to use them!!!!

  10. Don’t usually do reviews but felt I would add my positive experience.

    I’ve ordered about 80% of my camera gear and studio lighting from DCS over last year or so and I’ve never had a single problem.

    My Nikon compact developed a fault after 2 weeks, I sent it back and DCS replaced the camera and refunded my return post.

    I’m now looking to buy a flash head and stand and again I’ll be buying it from DCS.

  11. Found this site after I had ordered with DCS and was very concerned. However the goods arrived on time as promised so my worries were unfounded, maybe DCS is turning things round??

  12. I ordered a silver Tz7 around 14th July 2009. It was only later when i read the reviews; i was very nervous, but i thought it will be OK. Overall i think i got off pretty lightly. I received an email of confirmation, then i waited. They hadn’t notified me that silver was not in stock, but these things happen with other companies too, I THOUGHT.On the day when i expected the delivery and it didn’t show I phoned them, and a really nice man informed me that the silver cameras where in short supply and not as popular, i didn’t want to wait for their orders to come in so,he asked me which colour i preferred red or black, i opted for RED. I requested that he feedback to me all the items on the order, and he got all of them right. Delivery did indeed arrive on the day quoted I was thrilled. With excitement i opened the box, but feeling apprehensive about what I had read on web reviews… would it be a totally different model? The delivery box had FX something on it, be patient I reasoned it was a spare packing box and didn’t mean anything. I opened the TZ7 box first, why did it say NOIR. …It was a TZ7 but IT WAS BLACK.

    With a philosophical slant on it I decided not to look the gift horse in the whatsit; there probably are no more REDS if they are limited so I would of had this anyway, but I’ll make a habit of review swotting before i go with a firm i don’t know. I’ll never have a red one now. Incidentally is the supplier supposed to stamp the warrenty. Didn’t like the paypal surcharge either, I guess i missed that in their terms and c.

  13. I ordered a Sigma 105mm Sigma DG Circular Polarizing 105mm

    I got a dispatch mail very promptly, but the “delivery” just turned out to be a letter from them saying it would be shipped directly via nameless supplier.

    Two weeks later, no sign of the item from this unnamed supplier. Hmmm…. at this stage I can’t recommend. My credit card was charged immediately for £127.22 of course.

  14. got my first SLR with fantastic advise, returned a few months later to get a new lens and again great advise, appreciate all the help and will be a returning shopper

    1. Hi
      Our address is:
      39 Newland Street, Kettering, NN16 8JH Tel : 01536 510101

      It is clearly on every page of our website so surprised you missed.
      Obviously Mr T means nothing to us so please contact us with your order number and we will look into it for you.


  15. im from greece and i ordered some stuff.. got half the order and now its been months… with many many emails sent to them.. they only reply to a few saying my items will be sent the following week.. but still nothing still… manman… i advise any future buyers to stay away from this place.. its obviosuly a bunch of bozos not caring at all about customers.

  16. Old thread I know but glad I found it – was just about to buy from them prior to doing a little ‘google research’

    Cheers – will not be using them

  17. I’m glad I found this too, my experience with DCS has always been very good. I’ve used them around 5 times over two years and never had a problem.

    It makes me laugh, that people only ever complain.

  18. What a NIGHTMARE !!
    Never again ! a real horror of a service and i’m still waiting for a refund.
    we have now decided to take legal action after having had no reply.

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