Trip to Cisco’s Bedfont Lakes office :)

After watching the Google video for their new office in Zurich and thinking that looked like it had to be one of the best physical places to work – well until get bigger and our pool room quadruples in size :D, then I arrived at the Cisco office in Bedfont Lakes, London!!

They didn’t just have the one sizable office that you might imagine, they had 3 all next to one another in a U shape, each building was a pretty decent size and comparable to a full size football pitch with 2-3 floors. We were there for a seminar day on the Cisco WAE and the Cisco ACE but expecting more of a sales pitch than anything else. From the moment you walk in and sign the guest book, your shown where you need to go by a receptionist as they had around 2 or 3 at the desk! The seminar was really technical and turned out to be one of the better ones I’ve been on as for once, it didn’t turn into a sales pitch 🙂

Lunch was brought round to us with a mixture of sandwiches, pies and free drinks from a fridge stocked with a variety of different soft drinks and bottled water. During lunch I bumped into our what I suppose you would call account manager for Cisco who spent 10 minutes seeing how business was going before HAVING to show me one of their teleconference rooms which he described before we got in as 24 like 😀 He wasn’t wrong and looking back I wish I had asked to take a photo just to show you how this hasn’t been done by half. 3 40″+ plasma screens surrounded a bank of cameras for viewing who you would be on a conference call with, speakers placed around the desks would have enabled around 6-8 people to participate in a conference call from this office alone. It was truly amazing and we chatted briefly about possibly ripping out our new phone system to go Cisco……

After the seminar I promptly headed to reception to book a taxi to take us back to Heathrow T1 (which I’m currently still sat in :(), reception kindly informed me that a free taxi would be around in 10 minutes to take us back and pointed me in the direction we needed to wait – the only bad thing I had to say about the experience was that it would have been nicer to wait inside as it was freezing out 🙁

Me being chuffed at being at the Cisco office.

Cisco Bedfont Lakes


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