Nokia Sports Tracker

I’ve had NST (Nokia Sports Tracker) installed for a while now and I’ve used it a couple of times when I remembered, this was, unfortunately half way round a walk so I couldn’t track where I’d been 🙁

Needed another time to test it, a bike ride would work and luckily we had one planned for the Saturday just gone! Another trip over to Watergrove Reservoir sorted that out. I remembered before setting off, to get the sat nav locked onto our location and fired up NST. The software itself is so simple to use and provides a wealth of information about the journey you’ve been on. Obviously using the in-built GPS means that the battery life gets sapped pretty quickly, couple with the fact the missus had been using it the day before as well meant it didn’t have long to live.

Luckily it held out for three quarters of the day before powering itself off. I’d not used nst when the battery has died before but it handled it well, it reported that it had crashed upon the next reload but the full details of what we had done was still there just 1 hour short 🙁 I’ve uploaded the days activities and you should be able to view it here.

NST has pre-defined setup for Walking, Cycling, Running, Skiing and 2 other custom activities. It supports things like Live sharing where you can constantly update your progress online, Auto pause when your speed drops below certain levels speed averaging. If you have GPS enabled Nokia phone then I highly suggest downloading and installing this – well unless your a bit of a fatty 🙂


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