Warwick Castle

On Monday to finish off my nice long weekend just before xmas, my mum, dad, Kate and I all headed down to Warwick castle for the afternoon, we’d already booked tickets as we wanted to see what the ice trail was like after being made to sound like an enchanted trail 🙂

For those of you that have never been before then go, it really is a lovely place but the entertainment they have on is really excellent, the staff they have dressed up walking around drumming up support do a damn good job about it and made the day all that much better – one of them even propositioned me 😀

After spending an hour walking round to see some of the sites and have lunch, we ended up in the general direction of the ice trail so we headed on over in time for our slot at 2:15pm. The boots that were provided were the same ones as we used at the ice rink in Manchester, Piccadilly and proved to be comfortable enough although my legs were aching after it. The trail itself was a real change from the your usual square or rectangular shaped one, it had a square area where you started from and this is where the staff members ‘hung’ around. Gotta admit, even though they were stood round on the ice all day, they were still willing to help people out and even show them how to try and stop without crash landing in the barriers. From this ‘square’ you then head around the trail in a semi circle until you near the centre, at this point you can then skate around a small round-a-bout type circle before heading for the finish/start and doing it all over again – if you wanted to 🙂

I’ve put some photos online at http://lathwood.co.uk/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=42


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