It’s alive!!!!!

Well the Lexus G300 that I have had sat on the drive for 14 months is going to a new home with someone from the lexus owners club forum. He knows the score with it and I’ve tried to explain everything that’s wrong with it.

I get a message from him saying that he would like to pick it up saturday or maybe earlier and could I check the oil and try and start it up. After 14 months I thought no chance, it would be a case of brake ceased and won’t start . So, I charge the battey up for a few days then pop it back in – central locking works straight away so in I get, totally forgetting how nice it is inside, I put the key in the illuminated ignition and check it’s in park before trying to start it up. After a chug or two I gave it a little gas and voila, the thing kicked straight into life!!!!! So, hopefully it will be gone from the drive in a few days time and I can see if any long lasting effects will show themselves up on the drive beneath it.

Gotta love the engineering behind a lexus 🙂


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