phpBB3 Released

Been a while since I used phpBB – probably about 2-3 years now but I must have been subscribed to their mailing list for new releases as I just got this in the post.

If they have indeed sorted out the code problems they were plagued with previously then this could be a php forum of choice, in general it used to be pretty good at what it did and the main reason I moved to vBulletin was because of the security issues that came to light ever few weeks. A few extra options in vB also swayed me but these wouldn’t have been enough on it’s own.

Gotta say, I do like the user details being on the right hand side, it’s something you rarely look at in a forum so having it ‘out of the way’ seems a lot better, I know this is skinable in most forums but if phpBB comes like that then t00t 🙂


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