Dodge Nitro – tonker truck!

Well I picked up my new car and sold the BMW on Wed last week. I’ve already posted in my forum what car I was going to be getting but for those of you who don’t know then let me introduce you to my new car, the Dodge Nitro 2.8 CRD SE. Now it’s a far cry from the BM and something I didn’t think I could see myself driving or really liked seeing other people driving tbh but over the past few days after falling for it on a test drive, I can honestly say that it’s one of the better ‘vehicles’ I’ve owned so far. The BMW was fun but having to avoid pot holes when driving it become such a chore that I found driving it quite boring, it turned heads when it was clean which is probably also what helped sell it so quick, only took me 9 days which I don’t think was that bad.

Anyway, enough about that car now, it’s gone, someone else is driving it and I hope they enjoy it. For me, well for the next 12 months at least, I’ll be sedately plodding along in this beast. Whilst the spec on it is a lot more basic than the BM and it doesn’t quite look as nice as the SXT model, it turns heads everywhere. People stop and stare whilst I’m driving down the road, you see people drooling down their windows as they push up against them to get a better look. On the flip side of the looks is the space and 4×4 feature of it, this swung it for me when thinking about the bike rides I’ve been on and the few times I went to the lake district last year, I’m hoping that this will increase the time I spend doing both of these and it will make it more comfortable and accessible.

I never used to be one who liked seeing people driving ‘trucks’ around, especially if they did nothing more than go to work or drop the school kids of in them. Whilst I will be doing a bit of the former, I’m hoping it will see a lot of the country side and I do still cycle to work so why shouldn’t I be able to have a little something I like in my life even if it does have the carbon footprint of about a rack of servers or 10 😀 Try one, you might like it.

 p.s. you can find me lingering around now 🙂


One thought on “Dodge Nitro – tonker truck!

  1. Well had a small problem with the nitro today, for some reason the front drivers electric window would only go down about 2″ at a time. Came back to it an hour later and it was all fine!!

    Not really fussed as that’s what the warranty is for, which is a good thing as when I got the BMW, the one touch on the drivers door didn’t work and that cost me £30 just for it to be diagnosed as the window motor itself 🙂

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