What has Southampton got to offer?

After being in a Ripe training day all day, David and I decided to see what Southampton had to offer in the ways of a meal and some refreshing beverages (non-alcoholic) of course. Having spent the best part of 45 minutes walking around the ‘City Centre’ it seemed quite apparent that the town didn’t have much to offer in the way of nice restaurants which was a shame.

We settled on a place called Bella Italia (a chain) which served quite nice food but nothing that I would write (blog) home about! After saying hello to a few other people from the Ripe meeting who turned up in the restaurant, we headed over to the Slug and Lettuce for a couple of drinks before leaving for our hotel room.

The nice thing I found about Southampton was the Parks located just on the very edge of the shopping area, we walked through these on the way for food and the way back to the hotel and it was nice and peacefull, no idiots around and I managed to snap off a few pictures of some of the local buildings and statues – I’ll upload these when I get back and if they are good enough quality!

Anyway, long and short of this post is – don’t visit Southampton if you want something to do for a few days – it doesn’t seem to offer it.


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