Remote working

Well it’s the first time I’ve had my laptop that I’ve actually used it from a remote unsecure location for anything work related and in turn, needing a secure connection to do it. My own stuff isn’t important enough and I don’t do online banking if I’m using a wireless hotspot or anything.

However, I’ve been in Southampton since 23:20 yesterday after a lovely 4 hour drive from Manchester with the need to login into one of the company firewalls to check into a suspect customer, so after fixing an issue with my vpn connection (lack of split tunnel) by vpn connection to our DC, then over to the office to make a change to the firewall to allow split tunnel I disconnected and re-connected to the vpn account on our office firewall to start looking into the problem. Gotta hand it to to Swisscomm who manage the connection into this place, it’s been stable as anything and extremely quick!

Anyway, it’s night time for me now – my room mate is trying to sleep and I doubt what he needs is hearing my fingers clicking away on the keyboard all night and my face lit up by this lovely screen I’m looking at 😀


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