Site changes

I’ve always tried to keep all of the stuff I do in a single place, that’s started to change. Recently I’ve split this blog off from the main site and also changed over to using WordPress rather than using Seems to be pretty good and I have much more control over it than I did with my last one – and it imported all of the posts and comments 🙂

The forums have now also gone to a new home which is here, this is where you can find the gaming side of my life. I’m not into it anywhere near as much as I used to be but it needed to be seperate from my stuff and that way I can give Mannos access to it all as he pretty much runs the show now!

The gallery is on it’s way out as well, it’s new home will be, yeah you guessed it,, this will house my standard gallery and the digital slr one I have as well so stay tuned for that.


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