The old Windows Vista love/hate thing

A friend over on his blog recently posted about his love, err, hate of windows Vista.

Now me, I quite like it actually, it looks funky, runs perfectly fine on my lappy and hasn’t crashed once since I installed it. It’s a welcome addition and upgrade to XP which has been the next best OS that MS have produced since Windows 3.11 and 95.

Now I know that you can get other OS’ (free ones as well) to provide the same features as Vista but that involves either, messing around – which I really can’t be bothered to do or Linux (still messing around IMHO) however it is not my type of OS for desktop use yet. I use it on a day to day basis at work as a server OS and it’s brilliant, but spend time trying to get some software working because it may have compatibilty issues is not my idea of computing.

For what I use it for – it rocks, I wouldn’t install anything else and it just works for me.


3 thoughts on “The old Windows Vista love/hate thing

  1. Ah Neil, I know I may sound like I really hate Vista, but I was getting frustrated with just how slow it can be sometimes.

    Usability is good, it does so much and most of it is pretty intuitive. My only gripe is I seem to spend far too long looking at that spinning blue hoop, even though my processor and hard drive don’t appear to be doing anything!

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  3. That’s really bizzare Giles, my lappy doesn’t struggle a single bit! I don’t really do anything intensive on it and it even handles TF2 perfectly fine – well at the lowest settings poss but it was never bought as a gaming rig.

    What’s the spec on your system?

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