Booked a trip to America

Well my cousin’s dad booked our tickets for the trip to America next year, 4 of us are going. My cousin and her husband, my g/f and myself. We fly out to New York on the 14th to get their in time to celebrate my birthday 🙂 In total we will be in the states for about 20 days and will celebrate my cousin’s and my g/f’s birthday whilst we are over there.

So far we have decided to:

* Spend 3 days in New York
* Travel to the Grand Canyon, possibly via helicopter
* Blow some cash in Las Vegas
* Head to San Diego

Still checking other places we can go in the time we have, we will be spending quite a bit of time in L.A as I have family there with one of my other cousin’s who’s just had a baby.

Anyway, to set myself a target to aim for for the holiday I’ve decided to get training and eat better. I’ve slacked off from the gym and sports in the past month so really need to get back on it asap! So, starting from tonight I got back to it with an hours training in the newly kitted out gym Bannatyne Fitness


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