lord stones loop bike ride

Well we had another outing planned for Saturday just gone, a 12mile ride supposedly taking around 2-4 hours so we expected it take about 3, Bzzt, wrong!

Giles from work found the route on the site he bought his bike from, sounded like a good route with some decent technical downhills involved which we were still craving from two weeks before. So off we headed just before 9am to lovely yorkshireeeeeeee. Setting off for the ride at about 11am after a nice heary breakfast consisting of an egg roll – with salad! We had 4 of us on this ride compared to last time when we ended up with only 2, we planned to keep it at 4 for the duration this time 🙂

Had a good start to the ride where we had a few semi-decent downhills, or sloped hills with a nice technical section leading to some steps to a main road. This is where it all went wrong, instead of turning right through a gate which we couldn’t see, we headed straight over and slightly right through a gate that we could see. The further we went down this trail, the more we realised we’d royally messed up. After we’d done just over the 12 miles we were supposed to do and still couldn’t find the way to where we needed to be we decided to ask and give in 🙁 We got told that we’d crossed 3 valeys before stopping, so we had to head back much to Stu’s disappointment. A relatively leisurely cycle most of the way back and once again we decided to change our course and head another way – this led to some quite good technical downhills which led on to a nice pub for a quick drink before cycling the last 3 miles, up hill, back to the cars.

This is just one of the many views we had whilst up there.


4 thoughts on “lord stones loop bike ride

  1. We were lucky finding our way back to that car park!

    A lovely place for mountain biking though, highly recommended.

    A good day in the end 🙂

  2. Indeed! Was really nice views whilst we were up there – just have to follow the trail next time 🙂

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