The old you feedback me first and I’ll feedback you back!

Getting a bit sick of this now on ebay. Having just bought a couple of things from Ebay in the past couple of days, I’ve seen how different people go about leaving feedback for you.

One guy who I collected the new cannon lense from on Monday night was one of the nicest people I’ve met on/from ebay, before I even got home he’d already posted neg feedback from the sale as his part of the deal had been completed – i.e he had my money.

The same can’t be said of another guy who I’ve just bought from, used bin to purchase the item and paid instantly via paypal (don’t even get me started on the stories I’ve heard about using paypal either). So, same thing as above except I want this to be posted to me. So I get an email from the seller saying thanks for the purchase and that my item was being shipped. (S)He requested that I post feedback once I receive the item and in good condition and he will then do the same.
Now forgive me if I’m thinking that I should already have positive feedback posted for this sale as I’ve completed my side and paid but no, instead I have to post pos feedback for him so that he does the same to me, basically threatning that if I leave anything other than that then he would probably do the same. Well they can get stuffed, I’ll not bother leaving feedback at all or just neutral feedback stating why.

Ebay idiots!


2 thoughts on “The old you feedback me first and I’ll feedback you back!

  1. Well posted a neutral feedback comment and within the hour they negged me.

    Avoid dealing with the ebay user dcourtphoto. Idiots.

  2. God, replying to myself again 🙁

    On the email from Ebay when the item has been paid for by paypal even says: Click to leave feedback for the buyer of this item

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