Well another biking injury – self inflicted this time :D

After the last injury I had on my bike was sometime ago then it was about time I had another one.

Headed out from Clifton marina up near where my girlfriend lives with a plan to go – I had no idea, I was out with both of her brothers, one of whom was an ex down hill mountain biker and the other obviously knew a thing or two as well 🙁
It started how it ended near enough with both of them powering down from the start which is something they’ve done countless times before and me trying to follow in hot pursuit, after the first corner I’d already lost site of them both as I cam to slope which had a lovely path to the side for going down – only I didn’t know about this bit so hit the alternative which was steps all the way to the bottom, managed to survive that to pick myself up and catch up with the others a minute later.

From here things got a bit easier, we spent the next 20 mins or so battling with keeping the bikes on the level as the ground was just covered in thick mud. Because of this Peter (the downhiller) decided we best head a different way to where we were heading which I later found out was towards prestwich. This change of direction proved slightly better for me as hit some steep(ish) hills to carry on, training in the gym for the past 18months put me at an advantage that I could get to the top of the hills before they could.

Time was ticking on now and after a grueling ride over a corn field we hit a leisurely cycle path through a forest. After a quick re-air of my back tyre Peter noticed a lovely looking slope off the edge to our left. It took a while for him to decide he was going to head down it and not because it was that bad, it was for the fact he was planning to launch himself over a raised up mound at the top and jump halfway down – and he did, landing pretty damn perfectly!
It was Ryan’s turn next who opted for the straigh ride over the edge on down, again he did this perfectly so whilst I could hear them pedalling away in the distance I decided to go for it only I really did panic and after noticing that my back break was totally locked up and drifting I did the most stupidest thing you can do on a bike, I pulled the front break. Naturally this led to me pretty much going over my handle bars and getting to the bottom of the hill off-saddle!

By this time the other two had realised that I’d come off and came over to see if I’d damaged my bike 🙂 Nothing seemed to be bent/broken or loose in anyway so we decided we’d carry on until Peter noticed my knee was bleeding, badly. As soon as I looked at it I noticed that part of my skin was hanging off from a deep cut. All I had on me was a gym towel and water in a bottle so I cleaned things up as much as possible – read I soaked up the excess blood. This pretty much decided we were going back home 🙁

This is the pic I took of it just before cleaning it up a bit more at home before heading to a NHS drop in centre. Had to go back four times before I gave up with them and just used some spray on plaster as recommended by a friend and it’s healed loads since which is awesome. Oh well another accident I’m sure will follow soon 😀


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