Days getting shorter, nights longer

Don’t know what it is with me recently but I find it really really difficult to stay up as late as I used to sometimes and even more difficult to get up in the morning. Gone are the days when I could get by with about 5 or so hours sleep. Probably doesn’t help that I start work at 8am now and get the bus to work but I can’t imagine it would make it that bad.

I’ve tried intolerance testing on food to see if it was that but after avoiding the foods I’m not supposed to have for a month – I noticed no difference at all so that didn’t last much longer and just made life/shopping much more difficult.

If anyone has any bright ideas that I could try to decrease how much sleep I have to get so that I can cram more into my day then answers on a post card – or reply here 🙂


2 thoughts on “Days getting shorter, nights longer

  1. Relentless, Coffee, maybe some pro-plus; every developer’s best friend.

    Or you could completely substitute every carb in your diet for sugar, and hope you never run out and crash…

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